Favorite Connections

Here are some of my favorite sites on the web -

My Psychic Path - My new blog where you can read about my adventures.

Email Psychic Readings - For those who are interested!

Bob Crawford Online - Life Coaching, Personal Development Workshops and Seminars, Free Articles, A Blog, and much more. A great resource for anyone on a path of self development.

Growing Your SELF! - Bob's self growth oriented internet radio talk show.

Woodfaeries - Deb and Wayne's site - Holistic health and Spiritual awareness.

Spirit Matters - A center for healing body mind and spirit. Located in Ellington, CT

Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com - SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Body Mind Spirit Directory - A great resource for finding holistic practitioners.


General sites on the web:

1stcommanddogtraining.com - I love working here part-time!

World Website Directory - A web directory.